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Club Racing

What is Club Racing?

Club racing is one of the most exciting ways to race a boat. All races are handicapped according to the performance of the boat and the experience of the driver. All types of boats can take part from recreational ski boats to full blown racing outfits. Each race consists of a timing heat to evaluate the boats performance, followed by three heats of 9 minutes duration. Juniors can also race from age 9 years again in a handicapped system with slightly smaller engines.

Due to the handicap system all boats from the fastest to the slowest have an equal chance of winning. So why not come down to the club on a race day and see what it's all about. You'll be very welcome.

Can I race my Ski Boat?

The simple answer is YES. There are a few small modifications which may be required namely a foot throttle. This is easily fitted and can easily be converted back to hand throttle if necessary. See Boat Requirements for a full list of requirements.