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Malcolm Goodman crashes out twice at British round of F2 World Championships in Nottingham

posted 19 Sep 2012, 15:30 by Lancashire Powerboat   [ updated 20 Sep 2012, 10:46 ]
It was not the result that local powerboat racer Malcolm Goodman was hoping for, not only did he crash out once, but he amazingly crashed out twice in two days at the first British Powerboat Grand Prix to take place in the UK in over a decade.

Goodman was competing against fellow pilots from Great Britain, as well as those who made the journey from Latvia, Sweden, Austria, Norway and Germany. They were all competing for the final round of the UIM F2 World Championship.

In qualifying Goodman put in some impressive times to claim his 4th place on the start-line for the Grand Prix the following day. Ahead of him, it was Latvia’s Uvis Slakteris, who was setting the pace, and then it was Sweden’s Tommy Wahlsten and Erik Stark that finally took the glory and set the fastest lap time of the weekend in 41.25 seconds and a speed of 157.1km/h to claim the pole position.

After qualifying on the Saturday, and prior to the Sunday Grand Prix the top performing eight boats were pitched against each other in a thrilling drag style match race. This is when disaster struck Goodman, who was powering ahead whilst competing for third place in the Match Race. As he pushed his boat to the limit and powered down the long straight course at the Watersports Centre he went a touch too far and when the slight cross wind unsteadied his boat it caused him to take to the air in one of the most spectacular F2 powerboat crashes of recent times.

Spectators gasped as Goodman’s boat climbed high and then soared up into the air, as the nose of the boat pointed skywards the speed and the spectacle of the crash took the breath away of all those who were watching.

To the astonishment of the spectators after flipping over backwards and then twisting and barrel-rolling, the boat landed back on the water the right way up. Goodman was then treated with an impromptu round of applause from the on-looking crowds, as not only did he escape such a horrific crash with just a few bruises but he even managed to drive the boat off and then wave to the crowds to show the horrified onlookers that he was in fact all ok.

The JPL racing team worked through the night to repair and prepare the boat for the Grand Prix. They managed to fix Malcolm’s boat and engine in time to see him take his 4th position on the start-line.

The following day in the Grand Prix things continues to go wrong for Goodman. After some confusion on the start line, Goodman did not get the clean start he needed and found himself right in the middle of the pack with no visibility as the rest of the fleet closed in on him leaving him with nowhere to go. This led him to slightly touch the hull of a competitor causing his boat to slowly barrel roll, right in the path of the rest of the pack. This time, the boat stayed upside down and Malcolm’s race was over at the first turn buoy. Malcolm safely extracted himself out of the boat, before the race was stopped and re-started.

Uvis Slakerivis went on to win the Grand Prix with Rupert Temper taking second and Erik Stark third. This third place, although with his previous race wins of the season, was enough for Erik Stark to take home the 2012 World Championship. Other British Drivers were Owen Jelf who finished 8th and Ian Andrews who finished 7th.

Malcolm said after the race: “I am really disappointed with my results this weekend, I really wanted to do well in the first British round of the World F2 Championship in over a decade. To crash out on both days was extremely disappointing, but hey that’s powerboat racing it doesn’t always go the way you want it to. It is now time for me and the team to once again concentrate on getting the boat repaired, so I can turn my attention to the British National Title. The team have done a great job at getting me back on the water and I just hope we have time to get it ready for next weekend.”

Malcolm and the JPL Powerboat Racing Team will be competing at Stewartby in Bedfordshire next weekend 22 and 23 September in the final round of the National British Championship. Malcolm is defending his 2011 title and goes into the final race for the 2012 title with a slight lead.

To see the TV footage of Malcolm's crash see the Sky news report: http://www.skysports.com/video/inline/0,,12602_8086114,00.html

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