Junior Training Boat

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It's not just for the kids. We now have a senior training boat. Website to be updated soon. Contact us for more information in the meantime.

Are you Ready for the adrenaline rush of your life?
If so and if you are between the ages of 9 and 16 and you like to try your hand at powerboat racing in our training boat then read on. 
We offer a one- or two-stage package, The first stage consists of a minimum 24 laps of our junior racing circuit. The session begins at about 1.00pm when a full safety briefing takes place prior to  being  shown the lake from the safety of our rescue boat before taking to the water where you will be in control of the boat. You will then experience a series of runs on the water which, depending upon the number of people attending and other water usage will take between 2 – 4 hours. This is a great Birthday or Christmas gift and sessions can be arranged all year round.

Successful completion of the training session will lead to presentation of a certificate of competency allowing you to progress to stage 2, which is the race day package.

The race day package gives you sole use of the boat for the duration of the race programme. You will be expected to arrive by 12.00 noon where you will ensure that your boat is ready for that days racing. After scrutineering you will attend a drivers briefing where you will receive instruction on the days racing and meet your fellow racers.  Next is a timed practise when your race handicap time is calculated. Then there are up to four heats (time permitting) which contribute to the overall race results.

 After ensuring that your boat is put away you will be invited to attend the prize presentation when depending on your results you may well be picking up a trophy. Club races are run on a personal handicap basis so even the slowest boat in the field has a chance of winning.

The cost for a training session (stage 1) is £60.00 and the cost for the race (stage 2) is £85.00. It may be necessary to complete more than 1 training session before demonstrating sufficient competence to enter a race. This includes all training costs, race entry fees and day license issued by the RYA which provides third party insurance cover. You need to be medically fit and be willing to take on board the instructions from your trainer. You will need to bring suitable clothing that will cover your arms and legs as well as suitable footwear such as trainers. We may be able to provide racing overalls depending on your size and a helmet and life-jacket will always be provided.

Once you have completed your first race we are confident that you will be hooked by this family centred sport and there will always be people around to advise on the purchase of your own outfit, which you will need to compete in the next round of the club championship and then the various national championship events that take place around the country.
Whilst no form of motorsport can ever be described as cheap, powerboat racing represents the least expensive and most exiting way of entering a high action, adrenalin fuelled sport. Pre owned Junior race boats, depending on availability, can be purchased for around £3000 and running costs for a season club racing is around £500. Remember that as club events are run on a personal handicap basis everyone has an equal opportunity of winning irrespective of your investment. To compete at the highest level both Nationally and Internationally will require an investment of about £6,000 and running cost remain very low especially when compared with Karting.
For more information please contact our Training Boat Coordinator on lancashirepowerboat@gmail.com with Training Boat in the email subject.

Cuircut Powerboat Racing was recently featured as part of the Get Involved series on SKY Sports with including a training session filmed at Stewartby Powerboat and Hydroplane Racing Club, Bedfordshire. So if you are wondering what to expect then view the short feature HERE.