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All boats (with only a few exceptions) used on the water at LPRC must comply with the following rules.

· Maximum length 16'6"
· Maximum noise 75dB A @ 25M at full throttle
· No jet skis or similar personal watercraft.
· Fitted with a foot throttle only which returns to tickover when not pressed.
· Steering to be sound. If cable steering the cable must not be plastic covered.
· Engine mountings and fixing to be sound.
· Hull to be sound especially the transom.
· Seats to be sound and fixed securely
· At least one engine kill switch to be fitted adjacent to the driving position(usually located in the remote control box).
· A painter to be securely fixed to the front of the boat and must not reach the transm.
· The LPRC number must be displayed on the starboard side of the boat (black numbers on white background – 24 cm high) along with the current year's LPRC membership sticker
· The LPRC number must be displayed on the trailer.
· Fuel Tank, battery and all other heavy equipment must be securely fixed to the boat.
· Sufficient demonstrable buoyancy to float a swamped boat to be built in.

Note all boats must be scrutineered and noise tested annually. Specific test days are allocated around March time each year. If boats are not presented on one of the allocated days, a £10 fee will be charged for it to be tested at another time. New boats are exempt from this additional charge.